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We have, in the past, explored some truly remarkable ancient ruins that can be found within Russia. Some of the largest blocks to be found anywhere on earth can be found within this enormous country… Along with many other intriguing and spectacular finds still left to be publicly documented, most notably within the notoriously hostile, and extremely eerie Ural Mountain range. A place long rumored to be the home of the illusive snow yeti.

Left abandoned for untold millennia, laying within a Siberian lake far away from modern civilization, rests one of the most scientifically baffling sites to be found anywhere on planet Earth…

Claimed to be only a mere 1300 years old, yet any compelling evidence to back up such predictable claims, by certain bodies within historical academia, are not forthcoming.
Additionally, they harvest no real logical explanation for the sites clear antiquity, reason for abandonment, or indeed construction.

It seems with very little to go on, certain groups within constrictive learning practices, would like the world to believe that this perplexing site, was built a mere 1000 or so years ago…

Known as Por-Bajin, it is a 3.5 hectare artificial, man-made, island. Located in an remote, unnamed Siberian lake, between the Sayan and Altai ranges, about 3,800km from Moscow near the Mongolian border.

The site was first discovered in 1891, and the purpose of the island has still not been explained over a century later… It is still a mystery for quote, “experts,” to explain, although they still strongly insist it was constructed no more than 1400 years ago…

An in-depth archaeological exploration took place in 2007, with archaeologists discovering clay tablets of human feet, and faded coloured drawings on the plaster. These were subsequently used to date the site to quite recently within antiquity, allowing,” Experts” to say that the island was built during the period of the Uighur Khaganate, between 744 and 840 AD.

However, they severely lack any clear explanation as to what their motives would have been for constructing such a fortress, in such a solitary place so far from trading routes, their own civilisation, or indeed anything else of interest…

As with many other confusing, and as yet, unexplained ruins around the world, the archaeological strata most preferred to academia’s currently upheld story, in regard to chronological events, will always be preferred, and the controversial, and often strong evidential dating’s are ignored, or destroyed.

Is Por-Bajin a far older, and once far more advanced site than we are led to believe?

With the advances in technology allowing us to venture further and further into the wilderness, it is only a matter of time before a self-funded, inquisitively minded individual, gets a chance to take a really god look at this amazing place.


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