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Shocking video shows a Los Angeles police helicopter intercepting a UFO over Los Angeles

The police is a security force that represents the civil authority of any government. The police are generally responsible for maintaining public order and security, enforcing the law, as well as preventing, detecting and investigating criminal activities. However, they are sometimes asked to intervene in situations that go beyond the application of the law and the maintenance of order.(UFO over Los Angeles)

Although it seems incredible, the police are sometimes protagonists and exceptional witnesses of incidents difficult to explain. And we are not talking about paranormal events, rather it is about encounters with UFOs and beings from other worlds. In Mundo Esoterico and Paranormal we have commented on several cases, such as the UFO recorded in 2016 by a helicopter pilot of the British police 300 meters above the Bristol Canal ; the UFO sighting confirmed by the Pennsylvania police ; and even the British policeman who claimed to have been abducted by aliens. These are some of the incidents that show how in many occasions the police have to perform interventions beyond their duty. And now, a video shows a police helicopter surrounding what appears to be a UFO over Los Angeles.(UFO over Los Angeles)

UFO over Los Angeles

The video allegedly recorded in the skies of Los Angeles shows a police helicopter circling an unidentified flying object (UFO) suspiciously . The surprising video was uploaded to YouTube by the channel “thirdphaseofmoon ” on July 21, where he explains that it was recorded by a local resident after hearing a strange noise outside his home. The witness revealed that he recorded the mysterious sighting in the sky with his smartphone after seeing how a strange object was being followed by a helicopter from the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD).

“They were circling nonstop for more than 12 minutes,” revealed the witness, who has wanted to remain anonymous. “It caught my attention, I thought they were looking for someone, but when I left, they were spinning something. I really can not say what it was, it sounds ridiculous, but it looked like a spaceship with two windows in it. “

And as expected, the video went viral on the Internet, with conspiracy theorists arguing that government agencies, including NASA, are well aware of the existence of extraterrestrial beings on our planet. After watching the video, many netizens suggested several theories to explain the mysterious incident. Some said that extraterrestrial civilizations had sent a probe to collect information before the arrival of a mother ship for the invasion . However, skeptics assured that the strange object in the sky could be a simple drone or perhaps a helium balloon, and that the police helicopter was simply confirming it.(UFO over Los Angeles)

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