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Why is These Fleet of UFOs Leaving the Moon? Are They Harvesting Something? [+ 7 BONUS Lunar Theories]

Is something threatening the alien presence on our natural satellite or is this something that happens on a regular basis?

On the day before November’s supermoon, YouTube user Geri Vigil pointed her camera towards the lunar disc and to her surprise, she managed to capture stunning footage of what appears to be evidence of intense UFO activity. A large fleet of UFOs leaving the Moon behind?

The remarkable clip shows scores of unidentified flying objects drifting into space in the bottom left side of the screen. Some of them are larger and appear to be going out of our view and behind the Moon. As interesting as it may be to entertain the idea that we are witnessing irrefutable proof of alien activity right next door, these objects could in fact be image artifacts resulting from the zoom and focus of the camera used to film the full moon.

But if this phenomenon is the result of extraterrestrial activity, and not an optical illusion, we might have in front of us the reason we never went back to the Moon. Many are still wondering why –despite humanity’s plethora of advancements in space technology– we stopped visiting our natural satellite [1]. And it’s not like the celestial body orbiting Earth presents no interest whatsoever.

Studies and analysis shows the lunar surface could be extremely rich in Helium-3, an isotope which could solve most of our energy needs. Unlike Earth, the Moon isn’t protected by a magnetic field and an atmosphere. It’s constantly being bombarded by solar wind, which deposited large quantities of this isotope over billions of years.

Physicists believe Helium-3 could be the ideal fuel in a fusion reactor because it’s clean and creates no dangerous wastes. The only issue that remains to be resolved is to build a stable prototype for a fusion reactor and mankind might be set for life. Wishful thinking, you might object, but wouldn’t this be better than burning fossil fuel?

Cosmochemist Ouyang Ziyuan, the scientist who is in charge of the Chinese Lunar Exploration Program is a firm believer that the solution to our energy problem lies beyond our atmosphere. And if anyone knows about the kilowatt crisis, it has to be China. In an interview with China Daily, Ziyuan stated that “each year, three space shuttle missions could bring enough fuel for all human beings across the world.”

ufo moon conspiracy aliens

There is no shortage of conspiracy theories revolving around the Moon. It’s been claimed that our natural satellite is not so natural after all and was actually brought her eons ago by an advanced civilization. Contactee Alex Collier famously stated that our moon is actually a spaceship [4] that transported Earth’s first intelligent inhabitants when their original planet was destroyed in a cataclysm. Sort of a cosmic Noah’s Ark, but with more craters.

Other conspiracy theorists went even further by claiming our Moon doesn’t even exist and the big round thing we see every once in a while is nothing but a hologram [5] designed to keep us in the dark, figuratively speaking.

It’s no secret that the Moon phases have an effect on human behavior; that’s where the term lunaticcomes from. But some went as far as saying that the Moon is actually an observatory built to study our behavior [6] from afar. Beneath its crust is an empty shell housing an advanced alien race – our zookeepers, if you will. Why else would the Moon ring like a bell when struck by meteors?

Arguably the most tamed theory regarding the orb of the night is that it’s completely natural but used as a shield [7] by an enormous fleet lying in wait where we can’t see them.

As you can see, there’s plenty of room where a strange video showing an armada of UFOs could fit.

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