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“It sits on my bed”: a man filmed a paranormal phenomenon in his bedroom

Recently, on Twitter and simultaneously on the Reddit website, an unusual video appeared that was posted by a young girl.(paranormal phenomenon)

According to her, this video (see below) was filmed on a video surveillance camera in her father’s bedroom. At night, her father began to feel that someone was playing around with his bedding, and also it seemed to him that something was sitting on his bed.

Apparently there were no pets in this house, so the man became frightened and put a camera in his bedroom.

paranormal phenomenon

After he looked through the footage, he definitely saw something paranormal there. First, someone with a force pulls the cover to the left side, and then sneaks under it in the right side.

paranormal phenomenon

But the worst happens at the end, when in the left side for a couple of seconds you can see a silhouette similar to a human. And this is not the awakened father of the girl, but something else, since the silhouette moves to the right and suddenly disappears.

paranormal phenomenon

Both the man and his daughter were shocked by what the camera filmed at night.

“See how it lifts the veil and then it seems to go under it from the other side. And then it slowly dissolves in the air.” 

Due to the poor quality of black and white writing, it is difficult to see what kind of silhouette appears on the bed. Or is it really a ghost in the form of a man or some kind of illusion.(paranormal phenomenon)

Many Internet users were very critical about video recording.

According to them, there is nothing paranormal there, and the veil was moved by the father himself in a dream with his hands or legs. (paranormal phenomenon)

They explain the disappearance of the “ghost” by the fact that the man lifted his veil with his elbow and then abruptly let him go. The rest is just a play of light and shadow.


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