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Strange bright object was seen in the sky in Bahia in Brazil, and then a few moments later the UFO exploding amid a bright flash of light and debris was scattered onto the ground leaving officials in Brazil baffled.

Debris Not Consistent With That from a Meteor

Witnesses said that it looked like a meteor had exploded in the sky but when checking out the debris that had fallen following the explosion it was said to be too thin for it to have come from a meteorite. Another suggestion was that perhaps the debris was parts of a satellite.

Locals described hearing an explosion and then came across the weird debris on their land. The debris they came across was said to be of different shaped metallic fragments, which were also of different sizes.


Huge White Flash Lit Up the Night Sky

The strange event was captured on video and seems to show a white flash in the sky that is hurtling towards the ground. When it is close to the ground, it seems to explode in a bright flash of light, so bright that it lights up the night sky and the vicinity for a few seconds before once again plunging into darkness. The event was captured at different angles by different cameras, with the time stamp on one of the cameras showing as 22: 28: 04 on 20 February 2018.

The officials in Brazil along with those who witnessed the incident say that the explosion and debris remain something of a mystery.

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