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These Are The Worst Personality Traits of Each Zodiac Sign

When we read our horoscopes, they tend to focus on the positive. They talk about all our best and most appealing qualities and all the great things that are headed our way.

What they don’t mention are all the difficult and unpleasant sides of our personalities.

Even though we don’t always like to hear about our flaws, it’s the best way to learn and grow as a person. So let’s get to it!

Using your astrological sign can give you quite a lot of insight into your personalities.



You can be commanding, overbearing and arrogant. You can come off as antagonistic, and if left unchecked, you may be downright sucky to work for.

Best advice for an Aries? Take a step back, breathe deep, and try to adjust your expectations. Patience is a virtue.


Although you can be counted on, you’re also incredibly stubborn.

You can often be greedy and you tend to step on anybody who gets in your way. Don’t let your hard headedness get you into trouble.


You can be likable, but also deceitful. You get bored with people and things easily and fast. Sometimes you can be childish.


Cancers are sensitive, so much so that they can feel like life is a battleground. As a cancer, you may be especially emotional and quick to anger.

You may see everyone around you as critical and you may take that criticism as a personal attack, even if it’s actually completely well intentioned.


Leo can be self-obsessed and care a little too much about appearances.

You need attention and consistent praise in order to feel happy. Try to find a way to be happy without the approval of others.


To put it lightly Virgo, you’re way too uptight. You tend to think you are the expert on things and you don’t react well when someone disagrees.

You’re a perfectionist and sometimes prone to over reaction. Remember nothing is really perfect, and try to appreciate the beauty of flaws.


You can be frustratingly indecisive, and when you do make a decision, you always err on the side of caution.

Sometimes the best decision is the riskiest. Take a chance, Libra.


You’re often difficult and demanding. You can be a serious control freak when it comes to people and things in your life.

You’re not good with change and you tend to hold a grudge. You need to work on letting things go and learning how to forgive.


Sagittarius are often judgmental, full of opinions and pretentious. You often speak before thinking.

You can also be cold and sometimes mean. Try to have empathy and understanding for others and their feelings.


You worry all the time, about everything. You don’t like when things don’t go according to plan and you can be a workaholic.

Try to resist the urge to use those around you for your own gain.


Aquarius are experts in giving the cold shoulder. You are heavily guarded and it is a challenge to knock down your walls.

Try to be more open with people in the future.


Your head is always up in the clouds and you can easily lose touch with reality and the people around you.

Imagination is a useful thing, but don’t forget to come back down to Earth once in a while.

Learn how to stay balanced and focused on the real world when it matters.

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