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The First UFO on the Moon was Seen in 1668, and the NASA Archives have Evidence

Seeing UFO’s today may not seem that much of an occurrence.

UFO sightings have become ever popular, and millions of people around the world believe we have been, and are still being visited by alien civilizations from distant parts of the cosmos.

Image Credit: Pixabay.
Image Credit: Pixabay.

Officially of course aliens aren’t real, and UFO’s are just a figment of our imagination, or well, swamp gas reflected off of Venus.

Either way, UFO sightings are not something that’s new to society.

In fact, hundreds of years ago, people saw unimaginable things in the sky.

Throughout the middle ages, for example, visions of strange things in the sky were immediately attributed to God, or divine beings.

If people saw something they could not explain, they would elevate ‘that something’ to the divine, heavenly.

Eventually, people changed the way they saw ‘supernatural things.’

As we moved into the 17 century, people looked more towards science than to the supernatural.

In 1608, the refracting telescope was invented, and people who were already obsessed with observing the stars now had the chance to stare through an apparatus that would bring them ever closer to the cosmos.

Astronomers started looking for the answers in the stars.

But the more astronomers observed the stars, the more mysteries they found.

As people observed the stars and the moon, they noticed things that were out of the ordinary.

The first UFO sightings recorded on the surface of the moon took place in 1668 when a Colonial Preacher by the name Cotton Mather observed a strange shape on the moon’s surface.

It was the first reported UFO sighting.

Cotton Mather supposedly was looking at the moon through his telescope and spotted a mysterious ‘light’ flying over the surface of the moon.

And thanks to NASA’s archives, this report was recorded in history, instead of being forgotten like many other things.

To access the account of the UFO sighting, visit NASA’s Chronological Catalog of Reported Lunar Events where you will find that in November of 1668, Cotton Mather was observing the moon the moon through his telescope and observed that seemed like a ‘star point’ of light hovering and moving on the moon’s surface.

What exactly Cotton Mather saw is impossible for us to know, but many natural explanations could answer those questions.

Atmospheric phenomena are one such explanation.

Furthermore, some natural phenomenon on Earth could cause astronomers to witness glowing lights that may be interested as ufos.

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