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These 20,000-year-old Sumerian Tablets seem to explain everything, our past, our existence and even our future.

It took Zecharia Sitchin, the archaeologist and author, 20 years to research and to translate the tablets entitled “Autobiography of Enki” and all the information that he gives come as result of hard work. The reason for such a long period of translation was the lack of Sumerian translators at the time.

Zecharia claims that the ancient tablets are actually an autobiography of an extraterrestrial from a planet called Nibiru who arrived on the Earth together with an expedition to search for gold.

The extraterrestrial’s name is Enki and his autobiography talks about his coming to the planet earth together with 20 astrounauts and his wife. Their goal was to find gold which was vital for saving their planet Nibiru. Their planet’s atmosphere needed gold dust in order to reflect the ultraviolet radiation that was making their lives difficult.

The problem was that the gold needed excavating and refining, but none of the astronauts knew how to do it. So, after many years they only excavated a very small amount of gold, but it wasn’t enough to save the planet.

That is how Enki came up to the idea to mix their DNA with Homo Erectus species’ from the earth. His wife Ninhursag, who was a doctor and a scientist, did the whole work, creating the well known  intellectual human being.

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