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Putin Will Interfere in US Election to Help Donald Trump Because He is ‘Putin’s Last Hope’

Vladimir Putin is planning to meddle in the US election to help Trump win , according to a former Kremlin speechwriter. Abbas Gallyamov, who used to write speeches for Putin, now criticises him from Israel.

Gallyamov thinks Putin will do all he can to see Trump win. “Definitely, Putin will try to interfere in the election because Donald Trump is his last hope,” he said.

He also said that people in Russia are unhappy and want Putin to act. “There is mounting pressure in the country from angry elites and the population who are telling Putin ‘if you cannot win the war, do something,” he told Daily Express US.


Gallyamov added that Putin might take big risks for Trump’s victory. “Now Putin can say to them ‘soon Trump will win and everything will be different.

“Everyone in Russia is waiting to see what happens in the US election. If Trump loses, Putin could lose a lot too. Now the elites are waiting for the result of the US election. Putin is now ready to undertake any action because if Trump doesn’t win he will lose everything.”

Even though Putin said he’d rather have Biden as President, Trump took it as a big compliment. Putin had mentioned: “Biden, he’s more experienced, more predictable, he’s a politician of the old formation.”

But Putin also said he’s ready to work with whoever the US chooses. “But we will work with any US leader whom the American people trust,” the Russian leader said. Trump was happy about Putin’s words, calling it a “great compliment.”

The Mueller Report looked into if Russia helped in the 2016 election. It said Russia did mess with the election “in sweeping and systematic fashion” but didn’t prove Trump’s team worked with Russia.

Gallyamov thinks Russia will do everything to help Trump win. He said: “This intervention from Russian trolls on social media will come, exploiting Putin apologists and helping Trump to win by creating the feeling that everyone loves Trump.”

“The same will be done in elections in Europe too. They will try to discredit anti-Putin politicians in European countries and promote the extreme right.”

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