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Moon Hoax: Expert ‘Cracks’ Whether The Moon Landings Were Faked

Nearly fifty years have passed since the legendary first landing on the lunar surface. However, along with this event came an alternative theory that everything might have been a moon hoax and that in fact, the landing never happened.

One expert in the field claims he has the proof to end this conspiracy once and for all. According to him, back in the days, it was unlikely to create a moon hoax and thus, an enormous global cover-up.

Filmmaker SG Collins of Post War Media released a video in which he makes clear how the technology people had in 1969 was not competent enough to organize a false moon landing.

In the 1960s, he says, no videotape was able to film continuously just as long as to produce a false version of the mission’s live show.

The live feed lasted for two and a half hours without interruptions. It became the broadcast most-watched in history. According to Collins, no videotape back in the days could record for such a long time.

He said in the video: “Did they fake going to the moon? No, I am pretty sure they did not because they could not.

“Some people say in 1969 they were incapable of sending a man to the moon but were able to stage the whole thing in a TV studio.”

Collins added that NASA has already presented enough evidence that the moon landings were authentic. He said that they even gave images of the Apollo sites of landing.

“So, men really did go to the moon, not once, but six times between 1969 and 1972,” added Mr. Collins in his video.

“In the future, people will return and, presumably, visit the vicinity of the Apollo landing sites when, at last, the conspiracy theory will die a well-deserved death.”

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