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Woman Feels Sexier Than Ever After Deciding To Embrace Her Silver Hair

Seeing your hair turn gray is part of the aging process. However, having gray hair at 21 is a nightmare. Sara Eisenman’s hair turned gray at 21, and she had to use hair dyes to cover her silver hair.

Life is easy for 21-year-olds. They are healthy, young and full of life. Sara was all of that, but her hair was gray.

Everything happened overnight. She looked herself in the mirror, and saw the silver hairs. It was hard for the Arizona girl to accept her silver hairdo, so she dyed her hair every two weeks. She would never let anyone see her natural hair.

Sara dyed her hair hours before giving birth to her son Abe. She didn’t want visitors to see her natural hair color. Fifteen years later, something changed. After giving birth to her second child, Naomi, Sara saw things differently.

She stopped dying her hair, and felt free and loved. Her silver hair was her crown, and Sara was proud of it.

Sara’s husband, Hanan, supported her willingness to wear her natural hair color. Her friends weren’t as supportive as Hanan. They told her she’d look like an old witch. Sara was ready to prove them wrong.

No more hair dyes, hair crayons, powders and other products. Sara couldn’t afford regular visits to a salon, and dyed her hair with cheap dyes.

Today, Sara is 44 and she is proud of her gray locks. She felt as if all the years she lost hiding her hair actually came back to her. She didn’t try to fit in society and follow “beauty rules.” Sara was happy with her natural look.

The self-rebirth was the best part of the process. Sara wore the clothes she wanted to wear, and enjoyed different colors. She changed her makeup routine, and got herself a bunch of scarfs and headbands. She had more fun than ever.

The right decision

Going gray wasn’t easy, but embracing the change has never brought Sara any trouble. There are no downsides and she didn’t lose anything except for a few fake friends who judged her. She gained freedom, and was confident about herself. Sara was no longer contributing to the toxic chemical burden, and she was happy about that.

This decision helped Sara feel free, attractive and beautiful. Instead of aging, we should and become a better version of ourselves. Sara embraced herself, and that’s the best decision she has ever made.

Sara isn’t the only person to have this problem. There are so many people trying to hide their silver hair. Gray hair is a symbol of aging, and some people hate that. They are unable to accept their age, and graying at 21 is unacceptable.

Sara’s story should be an inspiration for everybody. She couldn’t change her hair, and fell in love with it after 15 years. It’s time for you to do the same. Love yourself just the way you are.

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