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Retired USAF Commander McDivitt UFO files can now be viewed.

James McDivitt was a Brigadier General and the Gemini IV mission commander, along with others. What makes this flight stand out among the others is the fact that in June 1965 McDivitt saw something that was very different from what he had seen on all other space flights.

It had a very definite shape – a cylindrical object – it was white – it had a long arm that stuck out on the side. like a beer can or a pop can, and with a little thing like maybe like a pencil or something sticking out of it.


UFO Had Arm Sticking Out From It Said McDivitt

McDivitt described seeing an object that had a cylindrical shape, and it had a shape that was definite and white. The USAF commander said that the object that looked like a long arm stuck out from the side, similar to a soda can or beer can and something that looked like a pencil that was sticking out from the object.

McDivitt thought that the object was near to the spacecraft, but at the same time, there was some confusion. He said that he was not sure if he was looking at an object that was small and it was close to the craft or if the object was a very large one and it was further away. This was because there had not been anything that he could gauge it by. In other words, he really did not know how big the object was.

Commander Grabbed Camera And Captured Photo Of UFO

The commander said that there were two cameras floating around in the spacecraft and he picked one up and captured a photograph of the object, and he then got the other camera and also took a photograph before switching on the rocket control system as he was frightened that the object might hit the spacecraft.

I don’t know whether it was a very small object up close or a very large object a long ways away. There was nothing to judge by. I really don’t know how big it was.We had two cameras that were just floating in the spacecraft at the time, so I grabbed one and took a picture of (the object) and grabbed the other and took a picture. Then I turned on the rocket control systems because I was afraid we might hit it.

At the time we were drifting – without checking I have no idea which way we were going – but as we drifted up a little farther the sun shone on the window of the spacecraft.

The windshield was dirty – just like in an automobile, you can’t see through it. So I had the rocket control engines going again and moved the spacecraft so that the window was in darkness again – the object was gone.

McDivitt said that at the time of seeing the object their spacecraft was drifting around, so he did not have any idea as to which was it was moving without checking. He went on to describe that as his craft drifted further, he then saw the sun shining on the spacecraft window.

At this point, he said he could see that the windshield of the spacecraft was dirty and smeared, similar to that of a car, and he could not see through it. He had the rocket control engines going and then moved the craft, so the window was dark again, but the strange object had gone.

The photo that McDivitt took on that day has now been revealed and can be viewed by ufologists, and it is interesting. Many people will suggest conventional explanations as to what the object was, but others will say that this is undeniable proof that UFOs do exist and they are out there in space.

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