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Oxford professor: “Aliens are interbreeding with humans to create a new hybrid species”

Oxford Professor Young-hae Chi, a Korean instructor at Oxford’s Oriental Institute, claims that aliens are interbreeding in attempts to establish a type of hybrid species. This hybrid species, according to Chi, has a main objective to save Earth from the effects of climate change.

Chi claims that this interbreeding is already taking place and the hybrid species is currently walking among humans here on earth. Chi has written an entire book on the topic. The topic deals in large part with a correlation between alien abductions and climate change.

Professor Claims Aliens are Interbreeding with Humans to Solve Climate Change

Chi attempted to debate this assertion at the Oxford Union one year ago. However, this attempt was rejected.

In Chi’s lecture titled Alien Abduction and the Environmental Crisis, Chi revealed his theory involving the presence of aliens on our planet.

Chi makes claims that non-human species have concerns in addition to humans in relation to the survival of the human species. Chi claims that the attempts to blend aliens and humans into a new species is a response to the future demise of humans due to climate change.

Chi claims that reversing climate change is of particular interest to alien species. This is because it would not only save the Earth and the humans that inhabit it, but also prove to aliens that their low predictions of human moral capacity were incorrect.

In his new book, Chi claims that there are four types of aliens. They are as follows; small, tall and bold, scaly with snake eyes, and insect-like. Chi also claims that humans are unable to see these aliens because of imperfections in our organs that put limitations on our perceptions.

Chi is currently attempting to find more evidence in order to support his theory and viewpoints. Despite a lack of sufficient evidence, Chi still maintains that the hybrid species is of a very high intelligence and could therefore be our answer to the climate change problem.

Here is video by Professor Young-hae Chi talking about alien abductions

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