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Authorities Now Investigating After Multiple Reports Of UFOs Spotted Off Irish Coast

It sounds like the start to Independence Day or, perhaps, Attack the Block – reports of bright lights soaring at “astronomical” speeds have been received by air traffic control officials in Shannon, County Clare, in southwest Ireland. Things started last Friday at 6.47am (local time) when a British Airways pilot called in asking about military exercises. She was flying a [...]

UFO Expert Claims There’s an Underwater Alien Base Beneath the Great Lakes

It appears that in the hunt for extra-terrestrial life, the ocean waters of our planet could hold intriguing answers, with more and more alien-seeking enthusiasts persisting in their search not only on the ground, but also beneath. A self-proclaimed UFO expert has claimed that there is an “underwater alien base” lying beneath the surface of [...]

The Inevitable End of UFO Secrecy – Richard Dolan (VIDEO)

UFOs have always been an unspoken part of our world, something that remains officially denied but which is in fact believed by enormous numbers of people, many of whom work within the classified world and know the truth. As one of the world’s leading researchers and writers on the UFO subject, Richard Dolan has dedicated [...]

Black and red UFO is spotted and terrifies driver in Nashville

SPOOKY footage shows a blank triangular UFO with red flashing lights hovering over a car as the terrified driver can be heard bursting into tears and saying”f**k, f**k”. The driver then leaves her husband a series of panic-stricken voice messages, shared with Sun Online, in which she tells him “Baby I’ve just seen a spaceship.” [...]

More Alleged Water Monsters Spotted in Canadian Lakes and Rivers

There are over 30,000 lakes and countless rivers in Canada, so the odds are in favor of there being a few unexplained water monsters swimming in bodies of water other than Okanagan Lake and its Ogopogo. In fact, just this week a parks and recreation director spotted some as-yet-unidentified thing making a large wake in Kamloops [...]

Strange Creatures Caught On Video Near Cave

Exploring a small chain of islands, a tour group stumbled on a frightening sight. They heard a strange “scream”” from one of the islands, and investigating they found these creatures near a cave. They seemed to be in a strange ritual. The animals seemed to have the appearance of deformed monkeys, and they walked around [...]

A Mysterious “Ice Circle” Appears On a Lake in China

The crop circles (strange patterns that appear mysteriously from the overnight in agricultural fields) have been causing confusion and controversy since time immemorial. It is true that circles are better known in the United Kingdom, but they have spread throughout the world in recent decades. The mystery has inspired innumerable books, blogs, researchers (nicknamed “cereólogos”) and even Hollywood movies. Despite [...]

US Navy Patented an Aircraft with UFO Technology, Documents Reveal

The military  presented plans for a highly unusual flying machine that uses an “inertial mass reduction device” to travel at “extreme speeds”.(aircraft with UFO technology) What this means is that the aircraft uses complex technology to reduce its mass and, therefore, decrease inertia (the resistance of an object to movement) so that it can zoom [...]

Shocking video shows a Los Angeles police helicopter intercepting a UFO over Los Angeles

The police is a security force that represents the civil authority of any government. The police are generally responsible for maintaining public order and security, enforcing the law, as well as preventing, detecting and investigating criminal activities. However, they are sometimes asked to intervene in situations that go beyond the application of the law and the maintenance [...]